It is exciting to watch couples in therapy move from sitting on opposite ends of the couch to sitting side by side. But it doesn’t start out that way. If you’re considering couples therapy, you may have experienced...

  • An affair that has turned your marriage upside down
  • Children have added stress to your relationship
  • Living separate lives within a marriage
  • Conflicts resulting from your sexual relationship
  • Differences surrounding finances
  • An empty nest or retirement has presented challenges in your relationship
  • Constant bickering that is out of control
My patients know that although sessions may be tough, they will often leave with hope for moving forward.

I’ve developed my own unique approach to Couples Therapy, stemming from my 30 years’ experience in counseling distressed couples.

What will you find when you come to me for couples counseling?

My approach with couples involves exploring the original issues couples carry into a relationship, tracing the history of the relationship and where it went wrong, and teaching how to communicate effectively in a way that is heard and respected.

What brings this all together is a combination of time spent with me as a couple, and also individual time for each partner to explore his/her own personal issues in more depth. This also provides a space to share with me their own perception of the relationship, including where it’s been and where it’s headed.

Throughout my career of helping couples heal, I’ve found this integrative approach to be conducive to maximum change for each partner–and to results that last long after therapy ends...when you’re back home and sitting side by side on your own couch.